"Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring." —Dracula by Bram Stoker

Just a small personal site, since the internet has been overwhelming lately! :D

I don't know how to add music here yet, so until then, have this playlist to listen to while browsing!

To Do List

This will be for both, my neocities site and my wordpress site, marked by (n) and (w) respectively

  • Create "This Town of Theirs page (n)(w)
  • Add "Miss Dracula" under my oneshots page (w)
  • Create a journal (n)
  • List writing goals (n)
  • Make a page for writing sketches (n)
  • Post pics of my knitting! (n)
  • Join a webring (n)
  • Have my vibe buttons do something that can be perceived—maybe a cool sound effect? (n)
  • Figure out an RSS feed (n) (maybe w too)
  • Learn to do cool borders! (n)
  • Change layout so that it fits me more—it's a common layout, so I wanna change it up a bit to be different! (n)

  • Neko